Here's looking at you kid...

This is for that little girl who climb many trees on those hot summer days in Philippines to pick guavas to sell so that she may enjoy a bottle of soda as an afternoon snack. Sometime later, she got on her first plane ride to a small island called Saipan - which she called home for a few years. California came into the picture after high school to pursue college. Now, she's your average millennial doing techie stuff for healthcare. These days, she dotes on her mischievous Pomeranian - Bear.  



I think of myself as a lifetime student of cooking and baking - hence the name Almostchef. What I know, I learned from watching videos, pouring over many books and plenty of practice in the kitchen. Living in the Bay Area introduced me to many different cuisines. From traveling is where I really immersed in what each culture eats. It's never disappointed, it just further piqued my curiosity about the culture. Most of my cherished memories usually involve food and travel, so started I this blog. I wanted to have a place to document my experience so that I can look back at the photos and read through what my thoughts were at that time. If you're like me, you enjoy going through the nitty gritty of the how's and why's. This pretty much sums up how I approach the kitchen and my travel planning - which reflects on the content I put out there. 

Thank you for visiting my site! Hope you learned a thing or two :)