Into the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon.jpg

Yes, it is extremely touristy. Yes, it is packed. And yes, it can get pricey. But you must and I repeat - YOU MUST check out the Blue Lagoon. It is the image synonymous to Iceland as seen in your Facebook feed. Skipping this place is like going to LA for the first time and not checking out Disneyland. So don't be too cool and let yourself fantasize of floating on warm waters, face mask on with a drink in hand.


Booking and Logistics

Their website does a great job of covering information on prices, how to get there, activities and what to expect. Booking in advance is required - I would suggest making sure to complete this as soon as you book your flights to Iceland.


In-Water Massage

We had added a 30 mins massage during our visit. They have a strict policy on being on time. One of my friends completely missed her appointment while the others only got a 15 mins massage because they got late:

  • There was a long queue to check-in.
  • It took time to find an available locker to store your things.
  • Once we've changed and showered, we got lost looking for the massage area.

My suggestion is to give yourself at least 30-45 mins to get situated. 

Blue Lagoon 03.jpg

Was the massage worth it? I'm 50/50 on it. On the one hand, it was nice to get a little extra pampering after a long flight to the island. On the other, I didn't think the massage was strong enough. Maybe because I'm used to the Chinese foot massages I get in Cali. Or maybe I was too wired from the stress of the lost baggage when we got in. Either way, I wouldn't be opposed to another repeat :)

Lagoon Hair

Blue Lagoon 04.jpg

Everyone's hair is very different. There are those whose scalp can withstand the water's mineral content and there are those who have to suffer through a few days before their hair goes back to normal. Let this not discourage you. Kiersten from the Blonde Abroad has a great article on how to prevent and treat your hair after swimming. My hair was a little brittle after, but I had packed a deep conditioner as suggested to treat my hair after.

Waterproof your phone

Half the fun of swimming in the lagoon are those awesome photos. The resort sells the Joto waterproof cases at the bar - they go for about $10 but I would suggest ordering them on Amazon instead for a better price. You will use this on multiple occasions on this trip alone. Waterproofing is of the outmost importance in Iceland as I outlined on a previous article for packing essentials for this trip.

You just can't miss recording the fun times with your crazy friends.

Blue Lagoon Cafe

After swimming around for a couple of hours, you are bound to get hungry. The resort has a cafe that serves light snacks as well as a full restaurant. Be ready to pay a pretty penny. I can't say the food was worth the $$. So if you can, try to get some to bring with you before heading here. Had too much fun with the friends to let a few inconveniences tar the experience. A soak in the lagoon truly is a unique experience that you simply cannot miss.